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Lost 202 Members

'Uncle Dave" Shovelin

Jason "Cowboy" Lent
Vice President

Steve "Porky" Nelson
Membership Officer

Patty Thompson

Lisa "Lucky" Kubes
Special Operations Officer

Jerry "Rottenpup" Garvey
Founding Member

Vicki "Cherry Lady" Strachota
Founding Member

John "Iffy" Martin
Founding Member

Craig "Buckaroo" Kotval
Founding Member

Marvin Schaak

Chris "Catman" Larson

John Mowry

Joe "Roadblock" Speakman

Jeff "JJ" Jakusz

Jill "Jamie" Jakusz

Jon Pauly

Matt "Matty" Johnson

Chris "Pressman" Small

"Aunt" Betty Aase

Matt "Matter" Randall

Joe Thompson

Jay Small

Pam Bowden

Heidi Randall

"Father" Pat Murphy

Jon "Hollywood" Thompson

Julie Thompson

Lost 202 Prospects

Lost 202 Honorary Members

Linda Fahrendorff
(Honorary Member)

J Pat Meyer
(Honorary Member)

Fallen Members - Rest in Peace

Eric "EJ" Johnson
Founding President
Memorial Page

Harold Fahrendorff
Memorial Page

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