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What's a "Rustic Road"?

This is what it looked like on the map...
Looks like a nice route into Maiden Rock huh...
I can just taste that Ole's burger waiting for me...

This is what it looked like when we got there!

And this is what the internet has to say about "Rustic Roads".....

Wisconsin Rustic Roads Award (Patch) Program

What is a Rustic Road?

To qualify for the Rustic Road program, a road:

  • should have outstanding natural features along its borders such as rugged terrain, native vegetation, native wildlife, or include open areas with agricultural vistas which singly or in combination uniquely set this road apart from other roads.
  • should be a lightly traveled local access road, one which serves the adjacent property owners and those wishing to travel by auto, bicycle, or hiking for purposes of recreational enjoyment of its rustic features.
  • should be one not scheduled nor anticipated for major improvements which would change its rustic characteristics.
  • should have, preferably, a minimum length of 2 miles and, where feasible, should provide a completed closure or loop, or connect to major highways at both ends of the route.

A Rustic Road may be dirt, gravel or paved road. It may be one-way or two-way. It may also have bicycle or hiking paths adjacent to or incorporated in the roadway area.

The maximum speed limit on a Rustic Road has been established by law at 45 mph. A speed limit as low as 25 mph may be established by the local governing authority.


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