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Lost 202 Wolf Den Rules

  • There is parking in both the front & back driveways.
    The top of the front driveway is reserved for bike parking during the riding season.
  • There is always beer in the frig.
    Help yourself, but leave a six pack every now and then too.
  • If you do not finish your bottle, write your name on the label and leave it in the liquor cabinet.
    It will be there the next time you visit.
    Beer and soda left in the frig become community property.
  • Don't mess with the music, lights or heat.
  • Smoking IS allowed in the Den.
  • Guns ARE allowed in the Den.
  • Boys pee outside, girls pee inside.
  • Don't use all the Toilet Paper
    If you really have to do your business in our bathroom make sure you leave some shit tickets for us.
    And please open a window or something too.....
  • If you pass out with your boots on you are fair game for whatever happens next.
    Pictures will be taken and will end up on the internet!
    (If your boots are off you are safe.)
  • Remember..... What happens in the Den.....
    Frequently ends up on the internet.
  • There are spare bedrooms, couches and air mattresses available.
    There is NO REASON to get a DUI.
  • But..... You puke, you clean it up!
    (there are buckets available to take to bed with you.)

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